Ferrari may be working on a LaFerrari-based concept NEW FERRARI Car News 

Ferrari may be working on a LaFerrari-based concept

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has just released some patent images by Flavio Manzoni which look like a new Ferrari that’s based on the LaFerrari coupe. Interestingly, the vehicle conforms to this description currently present in the concept car part of the Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi. In addition, this is not the first time this concept has been in the United Arab Emirates, and early iterations show the evolution of the current concept. Why would Ferrari keep updating a concept car and display it repeatedly unless they were…

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NEW FERRARI 488 SPIDER 2016 NEW FERRARI Accessories Brand 


Here come the New Ferrari 488 Spider review in 2016. The launch of a new mid-engined, two-seat Ferrari convertible is always a special event – it’s all about excitement, glamour and noise. We last drove the Ferrari 488 Spider nine months ago in the Ferrari’s natural habitat of the rolling hills surrounding Modena, Italy. But now is our chance to get behind the wheel of a right-hand drive version in the UK. The 488 GTB Coupe is one of the performance cars of the moment, so lopping the roof off…

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