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Pininfarina H600 teased before Geneva debut

Pininfarina cars is betting strong on Geneva with two cars to be unveiled in the show starting March 7. Along with the Fittipaldi supercar, the H600 Limo will feature at the Pininfarina stall in Geneva and all we have about it till now is this teaser.

Pininfarina H600 Limo
Pininfarina H600 Limo

Pininfarina calls it the H600 Limo which means creature comforts would be galore. But that is not what Pininfarina is known for. The house that has designed almost every Ferrari right form the 60s to the latest 458 Italia will certainly have all the right touches of sportiness to the design. The car will certainly be a delight to drive with its dynamically splendid chassis.

H600 is building a partnership with Hong Kong to build a hybrid group. Stamp Technologies helps to build a unique environmentally friendly power system that will certainly do just the chassis. We bet on an all-electric power system and understand the Italians, H600 must have Tesla model S as its main goal.

Please look forward to more paint for CarTrade Pininfarina cars as well as any and all in Geneva.