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Toyota Corolla Altis Review


The Corolla from Toyota was popular in India even before it was launched in the country. It was regarded as one of the best-selling cars in the world. However, it did not receive the expected reputation in India. The reliability of the car was high and the user experience was also fuss-free. However, the car was met with increasing challenging from its rivals. The company was facing problems to market the car. However, with the arrival of the new Corolla Altis, the problems have been ironed out. Not only the car was superior by standards set by it, but it also was superior to its immediate rivals by a fair margin.

The new Corolla was also priced slightly competitive as far as its rivals are concerned. Coming with new style as well comfort features. The 11th generation new Corolla Altis is provided with luxury, which is enviable. Definitely, the driving experience is capable of surpassing the expectations of drivers. The luxury comes at a price but the Indian automobile lovers would definitely not mind splurging some extra bucks to afford this masterpiece. The top specifications were up to the marked when tried and tested under a plethora of conditions and it proved quite awesome for the marked price.

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The 11thgeneration Corolla has gone through several rounds of evolution in the recent past and has been made free of the boring tag. The car has a super solid front stance and gives a bold masculine appeal. The new model is 80 mm longer than the old Corolla. Apart from this factor, the car is 15 mm wider and slightly shorter as well. This change in dimensions has given the new model a sleeker appearance. However, what is fabulous is the company has maintained the weight of the car identical almost despite the change in dimensions. It is almost like the muscle has been removed from the wrong places and added to the correct ones.

The diesel model is slightly bulkier at about 50 kilograms more than the manual versions. However, it is identical in weight when compared with the automatic petrol variant at 1270 kilograms. When it is seen head-on, the aggressive headlights are sure to get attention along with LED strips. Slightly flared wheel arches have been removed altogether to add to the charm. Toyota has made it slightly smaller, both by the 16-inch wheels as well as by increasing the ground clearance by 5 mm.

The Corolla has been now given a total of 180 mm ground clearance in total, so it is ideal for the Indian roads, which come with unexpected unevenness often times.

The rear part of the car has the identical bold hints as the previous model. An addition of chrome grille and lucrative head lights make the icing on the cake. The panel gaps have been made equi-spaced to give it symmetry. The overall symmetry and finish imparts a neat and tidy touch to the car and make it a good treat for the eyes.


The Toyota Corolla was never short in space when it came to the interiors. Now, the length of the interior has been enhanced because of the elongated wheelbase and better packaging. Electrically adjustable seats give the opportunity for riders a comfortable experience on-board. The long range of steering adjustment makes it more suitable for better manoeuvring. Visibility is great both on the front as well as on the rear side because of the enhanced glass area on the car.

The foam used on the seats is on the softer side, which makes them additionally comfortable than the previous model. The dashboard comes with a vertical layout leaving behind the T-shaped design. The space has been increased by this new design. Toyota has smartly divided the sections into a number of shades and textures to break the monotony of the design.

Engine and Transmission

The new model comes with a 1.8-litre petrol mill, which produces a maximum power output of 138 bhp. On the other hand, the diesel model comes with a 1.4-litre diesel engine, which is capable of generating 87 bhp maximum. Like the older models, the car comes with a seven-speed step-CVT automatic gearbox or a six-speed manual transmission system in the petrol engine. However, the diesel engine is provided with a six-speed manual transmission system.

Performance and Handling

The new Corolla with its surprisingly new features and refreshing additions to its technology is a treat for drivers. With an increased ground clearance, the car deals well with the unexpected potholes and speed breakers with ease. Even when the car is fully loaded, Corolla surged past the most troublesome road obstructions with ease, giving a superb manoeuvring prowess.

Braking System

The car comes with ventilated disc brakes on the front wheels. The rear wheels have been provided with solid disc braking pattern for maximum control even under sudden unexpected obstruction on the road.


The 1364 cc Diesel – powered variant delivers a fuel economy of 18 kmpl in city and 20 kmpl on highways, while the Petrol variant offers a mileage of 18 kmpl on urban roads and 20 kmpl and freeways, respectively.

Safety Features

Dual SRS airbags, both for driver and passenger take care of the safety. ABS with EBD as well as brake assist have been imparted in the standard variant, which make it a superb model as far as safety is concerned. Front and rear fog lamps make sure that visibility is maintained even under exceptionally dusty conditions.


If you are looking for a sedan with the maximum styling as well as smartest features, Toyota Corolla Altis is the car you should go for. You name it; this car has it for you.


Toyota Corolla Altis might face some significant competition from the Volkswagen Jetta, Skoda Octavia and Renault Fluence.


  1. Exceptional Features
  2. Spacious and Comfortable
  3. Stylish and Bold Appearance


  1. High Price