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Auto Accessories For Datsun Redigo

Needless to say, after having struggled a bit with their earlier models, the company is indeed looking to the RediGo for proving good the adage that three times a charm. The Datsun RediGo may only just have been launched, but the company is making no bones about the fact that they’re betting huge on this car.

Datsun redigo

Datsun redigo

The Datsun RediGo accessories packs include the Easy Kit – Sporty, the Easy Kit – Premium, a Kool Kit, an Urban Kit & a Style Kit. Each of these kits is designed to appeal to a distinct set of customers.

The Easy Kits, for example, are a great place to start off the personalization journey on your car. They consist of just the basic stuff that one is likely to need.

Ø  The Easy Kit – Sporty as the name suggests, adds a bit of a sporting edge to the car, both inside & out. Thus, think mats for the floor & the boot, mud-flaps on all wheels along with art-leather covers for the seats & steering wheel in dual-tone colours & you get the picture.

Ø  The Easy Kit – Premium is Datsun’s take on upping the luxury quotient on what is a bargain-basement priced car. So out go the sporty, dual-tone seat & steering covers; & in their place come in covers that push out a more plush appeal. Beige becomes the colour of choice here, with the usual mats & mud-flaps making up the rest of the kit.

Ø  The Kool-Kit tries to up the coolness quotient & comprises of Datsun RediGo accessories such as DRL’s, illuminated sill-plates and a spoiler at the back. There’s also some mood-lighting involved which changes in intensity depending upon the doors being open or shut. The centre console too gets some new clothes, getting covered in a piano black finish to complete the package.

Ø  The Urban-Kit is just right for the unique needs of city bound cars. Thus, one gets rear parking sensors, curtains at the back & the rear windows, a parcel tray to keep out prying eyes from the boot & cushions to make the commute a tad more comfortable.

Ø  The Style Kit on the Datsun RediGo attempts to up the oomph on the car. There’s body cladding included, along with snazzy roof rails, underbody protectors at the front & back, besides an exhaust finisher & appropriate seat covers on the inside.

One of the things that Datsun has gotten right this time is in gauging the demand for car accessories in India right. Offering pre-grouped accessories depending on the aspirational use for the RediGo is definitely a step in the right direction on the part of the Japanese manufacturer & should help boost sales.